How to get out of debt: 3 useful tips – Consolidation of Loans

How to get out of debt: 3 useful tips – Consolidation of Loans

Felix Stadler December 26, 2019

Over-indebtedness can come for a number of reasons (due to non-payment with banks, or due to Quitalia’s bills, or gambling, etc.), sometimes linked to each other, and others operating separately. In all cases, it can be particularly difficult to find an answer to the question of how to get out of debt.

Beyond what is dictated by common sense, in most cases, external help must be sought, and in this regard, there are laws that can come to the rescue, or modalities governed by the civil code, up to the possibility of accessing special loans or funds set aside to help those in difficulty.


What to do if Quitalia briefcases are too heavy?

debt loan

The first thing, which should never be taken for granted, is to get help from a professional to check if everything that is required is actually due. Once this is done, it must be seen if the installment can manage the entire expense (using the longer one for low incomes if there is a requirement).

If the outcome is negative, it is possible to evaluate the Loan of Hope (also in this case if you have the required requisites) to solve the problem definitively. Unfortunately, Quitalia is a debt collector and does not negotiate, for which balance and excerpt shares are hardly accepted (it is better to negotiate with the tax authorities more open to agreement situations).


What to do about gambling debts?

What to do about gambling debts?

This is one of the most subtle forms of indebtedness because in most cases when you realize that it is time to stop you are already in a situation of advanced ludopathy. So getting out of the situation on your own becomes almost impossible.

It is, however, possible to find help, through specific associations, which also convey access to specific funds, but only for those who have decided to change their lifestyle and rehabilitate themselves. For example, you can ask for help from Caritas and consumer associations which put the debtor in contact with the advisors in charge and help you take the various steps.


Excessive indebtedness with banks: consolidation of law 3/2012?

If you have difficulty paying the numerous installments from various loans with banks, you have 4 different situations, depending on your economic situation. The first is that of the consolidation loan, accessible by the majority of people who do not experience a deterioration in the income situation. In these cases, a portion of the money saved on the installment to be paid to an accumulation plan can be allocated (only as to hit the debt exit target and save at the same time). In the cases of ‘insufficient’ income, four alternatives open up, namely:

  • the moratorium (once again if there are legal requirements);
  • the balance and excerpt;
  • the consumer plan (for which you must go through a court that acts as a mediator);
  • the restructuring plan (always through a court but with access also open to companies and professionals).

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